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Monday, July 23, 2007

About SwapDex

What is SwapDex?
For people who love swapping their handmade goods or fun finds, there are lots of options. There are several good sites, such as Swap-bot and Craftster, which offer participants a forum on which to post swaps. There are also lots of individual bloggers that host swaps on their own blogs. I find these individual swaps offer a lot of great variety and usually some higher-end products, but they can be hard to find unless you read a TON of blogs frequently. SwapDex was created to help you find the greatest variety of swaps so you can choose the ones you most want to sign up for.

Why include old swaps/swaps where sign-up has passed?

It is my hope that including mentions of these old swap will give you ideas and inspiration for new swaps and I also hope these hosts will be able to host more swaps in the future.

Who are you? How long have you been swapping?
My name is Jenna. I am a midwestern gal who has always enjoyed creating things and experimenting will new craft mediums. My very first swapping experience was in grade school , swapping stickers with my best friend Denise. I still regret giving her the most awesome rainbow unicorn watching tv sticker but at least the one I got in return was scratch and sniff. I have been swapping online since 2004 when I joined Nervousness.org. But now I am most involved in swaps on Swap-Bot.

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