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Monday, November 3, 2008

A fantastic post about Etiquette

Calamity Kim has written a really great post about Swap Etiquette, including some wonderful tips for new swappers, what to do when things go bad and the many reasons people swap. The tone of the piece is excellent, in the true spirit of swaps, giving when you do not know what you'll receive, giving what you would love to receive, spending time and patience and resources on strangers can be scary (and your friends and relatives may not understand) but it can be tons of fun, a fantastic way to meet great new friends and really rewarding when it works out!

I had been working on a post about swap etiquette because I encountered a VERY bad-spirited post on the subject on a swap blog that I do NOT post swaps from because the hostess....does not carry the true meaning of swapping in her heart. But Calamity Kim said everything I would have said, and probably better! Thanks to her!

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