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Monday, November 24, 2008

Swapper Gift Guide, part 3

A lot of swappers are crafters. And such crafty people can be hard to shop for. They are creative enough to come up with wonderful accessories and items for themselves and so usually have more than enough baubles and trinkets. They need supplies but that is a very personal decision, not something you can generally just swing by and pick up. What do you get the crafty swapper?

How about a t-shirt that feature their preferred medium? Crafty Gear has shirts featuring a WIDE variety of crafty hobbies including knitting, weaving, beading, painting, polymer clay and more! Even shirts for herder to find crafts like rubber stamping, felting and tatting!

One great idea I hit on was that if someone likes swapping through the mail, they probably like swapping in real life too! Pass It On Plates are all about swapping and sharing! Give them a plate with some goodies on it. They go to the plates website, enter their info and then pass the plate on to someone else! How great is that?

I think edibles are always a great gift! And drinkables too! Full Bloom Teas are so awesome, they are tea and art combined!

And for more great shopping, check out Tip Junkie's Shop-a-thon. Tons of great shops, arranged by category, most of them offering special savings codes!

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