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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Swapper Gift Guide, part 2

So, you've got a swappy friend on your gift list? What kind of things does a swapper like that they don't already get from swaps? How about supporting their habit with supplies they use frequently!
1. Bubble mailers-Spend a few extra dollars and get the fun colored ones! Or make a set yourself from patterned paper and bubble wrap!

2. Deco Tape- To seal up all those envelopes (especially when recycling gently used ones) in style! Deco (decorative) tape has a design running along it.
3. Postage- I wish the USPS allowed you to buy gift cards but your swappy pal will just have to settle for an assortment of stamps. Swappers are sure to get good use out of not only 42 cent stamps like these awesome Eames stamps but also postcard stamps (27 cents) like these tropical fruit ones!

4. Swapper who like to penpal and write personal notes for their packages might appreciate some stationery. Simply Embellish has lovely cards like these fall leaves cards, as well as great personalized address stickers.
5. Swappers with blogs or websites to promote would love a set of promos to send along with swaps. Promos in a Snap has all sorts of fun goodies like buttons, notepads, magnets and stickers. I think notepads would be such a fun item to drop into each package.

6. Speaking of promos, I just started dropping a business card in all of my swaps. It's a great way to give your partner all your pertinent info without having to write it all out every time. I ordered mine from VistaPrint, known for their "free" cards (just pay shipping). I ended up going with a more high-end card but still paid less than $10 for 250 cards, a great deal! Info to include: name, address, email, blog, flickr, shop, and user name for any swapping sites like Swap-Bot.

7. A custom address stamp would also be welcome by anyone who frequently mails packages. If they swap internationally, make sure you remember to include their country in the last line.

1 comment:

Cody said...

So awesome. I've asked for swapping stuff for Christmas... but, I don't know if I'll actually get it. My mom works at the post office, and though I've tried to explain swapping and my need for international postcard stamps... I still don't think she "gets" it.

My boyfriend will likely buy me stationary and postcards... if I specifically tell him which ones to buy. (Which takes the fun out of it.)

The handmade mailers are neat. I might have to try that.