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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Interview with Mamarazzi of Our Dandelion Wishes

What a delight! Mamarazzi really "gets" what swapping is all about, bringing joy to others through the mail! Be sure and visit her blog and send her a little love through comments too.

Swapdex: Tell us a bit about you.

Mamarazzi: I am 37 and I have lived in CA all my life. I moved to central California a few years ago and felt like I was living on a different planet, I often still do. This is one of the reasons I started blogging, as a way to connect with people who had similar lifestyles and interests. It was also a way to help keep me connected with my family. I am married to a wonderful man and we have a beautiful and kindhearted 13 yr old daughter.

SD: How long have you been swapping?

M: This is my second swap. But the first one I have hosted.

SD: How did you learn about swapping, and what made you decide to do your first one?

M: I learned about swapping once I became a blogger. Blogging opened up a whole new world to me and introduced many wonderful people to my life. My first swap was last year at Christmas time. It was an ornament swap. I knew from that experience that I wanted to create a swap of my own. So I created Mamarazzi’s Favorite Things Swap.

SD: Do you swap with any groups?

M: I have only ever done swaps that are open to everyone. I checked out swap bot once and created a profile but never got into it…seemed like too much work to me.

SD: What's your favorite type of swap or favorite swap you've ever been
in or hosted?

M: Well the one I am hosting now is a favorite things swap. I have people who signed up matched together and they are sending out a few of their favorite things to their partners and getting their partners favorite things in exchange. I think this is a great way to not only learn about the person you are swapping with but to also share the things you love.

SD: Do you have a signature style for your swaps?

M: I send a list of Good Mail weekly. This is something I do with people who read my blog. I have several people I exchange Good Mail with. Good Mail is ANYTHING that you get in your mail that is NOT a bill. Good Mail can be a little note, a card or a package filled with fun stuff. I always send a personal note. And I try to be creative with my packaging…it makes it more fun!!

SD: Wow! That's a fantastic idea! I love sending mail, and it's good to remember it doesn't always have to be a big swap package to brighten someone's day. What's you favorite type of package to get in the mail?

M: I am easy; I like anything that isn’t junk mail or a bill! I love going to the mailbox and finding a box or envelope filled with something that someone decided to send me just because. It feels good to know that I crossed their mind and they thought enough about me to want to brighten my day…that’s special.

SD: Do you have a good story about hosting or participating in a swap?

M: Oh ALL of the Good Mail or Swaps I have ever received were wonderful. They all hold a special place in my heart, all of them. To me it is all about spreading the L-O-V-E.

SD: What do you think is the most challenging part of hosting a swap?

M: I will say that hosting a swap is a lot of detailed work. Things get lost in cyber space, people aren’t always good about responding to email right away and it can cause some stress. I think the key to a good swap is organization followed by really good communication with your swappers.

SD: Any advice for someone who is thinking about hosting a swap?

M: I think the key to a good swap is organization followed by really good communication with your swappers. I would make sure that anyone who enters knows that they are 100% committing to be in touch via email and that means responding to any messages that come from you ASAP. It is stressful waiting to hear back from someone wondering if they got your email. I also keep a check list of who responded so if I don’t hear from someone after a few days I will resend.

SD: Any plans for the near future? Swaps, projects, new products?

M: In January I am going to host a Pass Along Gift Swap…we all get things for Christmas that are really nice but might not serve a purpose or have a place in our lives. Those are great gifts to pass along to someone who might be able to put it to better use or pass it along themselves. I never tuck a gift away in a closet and hold onto it just because someone gave it to me and that’s the “right thing to do” heck no…I make sure it goes to a good home…to me that is the right thing to do.

Wonderful swap idea for the post-holiday season! We'll be keeping our eyes open for it. Thanks so much for chatting with us. You really have got the spirit of swapping!


Mamarazzi said...

awww thanks for the interview! i will be sure to send my readers on over!

forgetfulone said...

Great interview! I love Mamarazzi and plan to participate in her next swap.

Mrs. S said...

Great Interview!!