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Friday, February 20, 2009

Interview with Donna of Flutterings of the Soul

After a bad first experience, not many would be surprised if Donna decided swapping was a bad idea, but she kept on swapping, even hosting a swap of her own last year! Visit her at her blog to see swap pictures and great holiday decorating ideas.

SwapDex: Tell us a bit about you.

Donna: I am 38 (yikes- lol!) and live in Pennsylvania. I have been married for 12 years , 1 daughter , 2 crazy cats and 2 silly chihuahuas :)
I love any type of mixed media craft such as scrapbooking, journaling, ATC's, fat books, collage ..I would actually love to learn to sew and felt!

SD: How long have you been swapping?

D: I have been participating in swaps for the last 3 years - usually holiday related swaps.

SD: How did you learn about swapping, and what made you decide to do your first one? Do you remember your first one?

D: I had learned about swapping from an artists blog a few years ago and it sounded like a lot of fun - creating and making things and getting a fun filled box of goodies in return ! My first swap was the Snowman Swap that I just recently hosted. It was definitely fun and I can't wait to host the next one!

SD: Do you swap with any groups?

D: I have never swapped with any groups before , only through artist blogs. I think I like the open environment much more so than I would an exclusive one since it gives everyone that is interested in playing a chance to join it.

SD: What's your favorite type of swap or favorite swap you've ever been in or hosted?

D: Holiday swaps are definitely my favorite! So far my favorite swap has been the Snowflakes and Sparkle swap that I participated in recently .

SD: Do you have a signature style for your swaps?

D: I don't normally have a signature style for my swaps - whatever is inspiring me at the moment , or if I see a really cool idea in one of the many magazines I admire that sparks my creative muse then I'll run with it ! I have decorated my boxes in the past, but not everyone of them . If I have some cool stamps that I can incorporate into the theme or some unique embellishments then I will use those on the box as well as some acrylic paints, tags, etc.
I do always wrap the gifties that go inside with pretty tissue papers and I also like to use ribbons and tags as well.

SD: What's you favorite type of package to get in the mail?

D: My favorite package would have to be anything handmade - it really gives you a warm and cozy feeling to know that the person that sent you that package spent their time and energy in creating something from the heart ... just for you !

SD: Do you have a good story about hosting or participating in a swap?

D: The only odd swap I can remember would be one that I participated in when I first started swapping. I honestly don't remember what theme the swap had but what I rec'd were items that had all been used, somewhat dirty and they didn't smell very good either ! Of course I was disappointed but I didn't let that experience stop me from swapping again . Thankfully I have never had that happen again!

SD: What do you think is the most challenging part of hosting a swap?

D: I think it is most challenging for the hostess to make sure that everyone who participates really does receive a package . It certainly is disheartening when you have taken the time to put a wonderful package together only to never receive one in return. I like to try to stay on top of things and make sure that everyone has rec'd their swap within a timely manner.

SD: Any advice for someone who is thinking about hosting a swap?

D: Since I am new on the hosting end of swapping the only advice I have at the moment is to stay organized ! Be sure to keep a list of all your participants and who they are partnered up with. It helps to make a separate "e-mail group" with just the participants included so that you can contact everyone at the same time when needed.

Thanks Donna for taking the time to chat!

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