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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not included

Have you ever visited the SwapDex and wondered how I choose the swaps to highlight? To be honest, I try to include as MANY as I can! I want this blog to be full of swaps that ANYONE can participate in. But there are some swaps I do not include in the SwapDex.

I don't include swaps that require fees beyond what's needed for return postage UNLESS there is some other service provided by the host like binding a book or specialty wrapping. Yes, it's work to host a swap. But if you want to make some sort of business out of it, I'm not giving you the same kind of free advertising I give to those who volunteer their time and often money to make these swaps happen. Wanna share that fat swap-hosting wad of cash with me? Talk to me about sidebar ads!

I don't include swaps that require you to join a group such as a yahoo group, Ravelry or some other membership service, even if that service is free. I think those in the group probably want to keep the swap limited to those who are in the group for purposes other than joining the swap.

I don't include swaps from rude or explicit websites. I DO include adult-only swaps as long as the website I link to isn't overly explicit.

I don't include swaps hosted by people who I know have flaked on swaps themselves or that have done a terrible job hosting in the past. (Yes, I have seen people hosting swaps that I KNEW did a poor job hosting or had flaked on swaps before. I was tempted to out them but that's not the business of this website.)

I DO include swaps that restrict by region. Both swaps that open internationally and those that put restrictions on who may join based on mailing address are allowed. I think regional swaps are mainly a budgetary consideration, not meant to exclude others just for the sake of exclusion so I find this acceptable.

So now you know how I've been doing it so far. I welcome questions and suggestions!


Dianah said...

I think you have done a wonderful job. I have been in a lot of great swaps because of your site. Also I have never once been flaked on. Thanks for the work you do.


Michele said...

I also think that you do a wonderful job! My issue with some swaps are the ones that require you to have a blog. I do not have a blog due to personal time constraints. I am so disappointed when I would like to join a swap, but it is for bloggers only.

Sarah Ruth said...

You're doing a great job!! It's not easy to host a swap. And it's not fun when you get duped, so I'm glad you are picky about which swaps you include!!

Susan said...

Thanks for the work you do in keeping up on the swaps.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh Gosh, You do a super job!! And have helped me reach a larger group of swappers and I have met new friends, blogs or not! Thank you so much for all your hard work!! It is truly appreciated!