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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Interview with Carly of A Girl and Her Blog

Carly started out swapping letters with penpals and has blossomed into a swap hostess! Visit her at her blog and also her twitter.

SwapDex: Tell us a bit about you.

Carly: My name is Carly. I'm a 20 year old student/student librarian assistant.
I'm from Hamilton, ON - where I've been all my life. Just about mid-way through my 3rd year in a double major of Peace Studies and Women Studies. After my fourth year I plan to do some more schooling and become a full-pledge librarian.

I have a boyfriend, Jeremiah. We've been together for about 1 1/2 now. He's a sweetheart. I love him with all my heart.

I make felt pins/hairclips/bow ties. A whole bunch of different little things. I also have an etsy shop. That sells these pins and some vintage things.

SD: How long have you been swapping? How did you first learn about swapping, and what made you decide to start? Do you remember your first one?

C: I got involved with swapping (letters) a few years ago when my sister introduced me to a site for penpals.
I love getting mail and sharing things with people. Swapping is perfect for that!
Recently have been swapping on sites like swap-bot and through other blogs since about April.

SD: What is your range of swapping? Do you stick to swaps hosted by people you know or are you likely to swap with anyone, anytime?

C: As long I feel comfortable exchange my address with the person or the type of people involved, or if it's a swap of something that I'm interested in. I feel more incline to go to a certain swap. If my friends are in a particular one, I'm more likely to join. But really as long as there are other people in it... it's anyone, anytime!

SD: Do you swap with any organized groups like yahoo groups, flickr, groups on swap-bot, other message boards, etc? Why or why not?

C: Swap-bot has been fun. But sometimes people are so specific in what they want. And sometimes you just don't have the money, the time or the patience to make everyone happy. I really like the ones that stick to a theme but where people are more flexible with what they receive- sender's choice.

SD: What's your favorite swap you've ever been in or hosted?

C: I think this holiday swap had been the best one. It's not quite over with, but I'm so excited to see how it turns out.
I'm in a calendar swap and a film swap... just waiting to get my items. I'm SO excited too. These swaps were from blogs, I guess it makes them more fun because they are with people I know, or with people who have blogs like me!

SD: What do you do to make your packages special?

C: Extras! heehee. Extras always make someone feel extra special. Brings a little bit more joy to getting a package when it's a surprise. But I'm not saying going over a limit if you financially cannot, I think just being as genuine as you possibly can makes packages special. Putting time to make the package nice and put together.

SD: Do you have a good story about hosting or participating in a swap?

C: I think right now it would have to be an online photography swap. What first comes to mind is really awesome photos, something creative and artistic and beautiful. And let's just say I tried my hardest to make the photos nice. And when I received my email in my inbox. I couldn't help but laugh. The photos had no thought put into them. It was rushed. It was sloppy. I didn't have the heart to tell the person the photos were ridiculous. I guess that wasn't really the point of the swap. They fulfilled their end of the deal but really half-heartedly. I left the swap feeling proud that I put some effort into my photos, and disappointed that someone couldn't care less.

SD: What do you think is the most challenging part of hosting a swap? Any advice for someone who is thinking about hosting a swap?

C: Just make sure you stay organized! The holiday gift swap is the first swap that I'm doing and the trick is to just stay organized. Look at other swaps for advice or for inspiration. It really helps as a guideline.

SD: Any exciting plans for the near future? Swaps, projects, new products?

C: I think I'm going to plan some other fun swaps for my blog. It so much fun organizing putting it all together.
I just want to see how this one pans out.

I hope it pans out VERY well for you, Carly! Happy swapping!

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